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DUTCH FREEZER SERVICE (member of the OPTI FREEZE GROUP) is committed to providing service throughout the entire life cycle of its food freezing and chilling equipment – not only ‘Bringing food freezing to the optimum’, but also keeping it there, too.

Through its optimized preventative maintenance programs and by modifying and modernizing the production units.

Global Maintenance & support

As the specialist in freezers and chillers, DUTCH FREEZER SERVICE operates an integrated service network around the world for servicing and maintenance of its own equipment as well as spiral freezers from other manufacturers.

Maintenance contract
A tailor-made maintenance plan to keep your equipment in optimum working order. The maintenance agreement includes regular servicing as well as a step-by-step guide to solving simple technical problems, helping you to act quickly and minimize downtime.
24/7 support
The maintenance contract includes the services of an experienced engineer on site as soon as possible, round the clock. Repair times can be optimized if you have the spare-parts package (see below).
Spare-parts package
DUTCH FREEZER SERVICE advises you on which spare parts you need to hold on site, helping you to stay prepared for potential technical problems and minimize food production downtime.
All Types of cooling and freezing systems
In addition to providing servicing and maintenance of its own machinery, DUTCH FREEZER SERVICE can repair, update or upgrade all makes of cooling and freezing systems.

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